A quirky and delightful examination of food choices in America’s frontier where traditional foodways sometimes–but not always–give way to supermarket junk food.
— Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, Public Health and Sociology, at New York University

Join Ellen Frankenstein on a wry search for a sustainable, healthy and ethical meal. Women try to teach her to hunt, teens gather traditional foods, vegans give cooking lessons, she fishes for wild salmon, scrutinizes food labels with kids and finds toxic chemicals getting into wild foods. With humor and compassion, the documentary Eating Alaska shows natives and non-natives trying to balance buying industrial processed foods with growing their own and living off the land in the 21st century. Made by a former urban vegetarian now living on an island in Alaska, it is a journey into regional food traditions, our connection to where we live and what we put into our mouths.

Audience and Use

Eating Alaska is a 57-minute film with themes of sustainability, health, and local vs. global issues. Public libraries, universities, art houses, Slow Food chapters, environmental centers and churches are not just screening the film, but using it to draw people together with local food potlucks, sustainability fairs, and fundraisers for greenhouses, food banks and farmers’ markets. The potlucks invite viewers to either bring something they “Grew, brew, caught,” or local, organic, fair trade foods. Discussion panels have included vegans, butchers, farmers, wild food harvesters, chefs, artists, and journalists.

If you are an activist organization, community group, church, or other institution or organization, you must purchase the Public Performance Rights. If you have a limited budget, please send an inquiry to info@eatinglaska.com. The most important thing to us is that you have the film to use as an educational tool. Therefore, we will work with you as closely as possible. The Public Performance Rights any one organization purchases is for your institution only.

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Featured At

UC Sustainability Conference
Alaska Public Health Summit
Slow Food Boston
PBS broadcast

Mendocino Film Festival
American Conservation Festival
Food for Thought Film Festival
National Food Security Conf.

Food is the first place we’re remaking our world, and Alaska is a wonderfully funny and varied case in point. You’ll see people imagining, one meal at a time, what a more durable world might look like.
— Bill McKibben, author of Earth and Deep Economy